Saturday, September 1, 2018

Tarzan is alive and well in Dentaikotai

Scampering up 500 feet rock cliffs. Nimbly running up giant rocks. Shoeless in a thorny Jungle. Village kids {or are they hill goats ?} accompany us as we plod after a guide. Here we see him on a 15 foot high rock doing a Tarzan number {His elder bro in close attendance}. Look at his root chakra. Do you see how it shifts from blue to brilliant red? Every trip outside the urban reveals our pygminess. How distorted our humanness has become. Separated from nature. From ourselves. From the earth. Today in The Indian Cricket Team we see the rise of warriors from 2nd rung towns. One day earth-landers will rise again. Not lead by 'isms' who channel their rage but disrespect their close connect with earth and hill spirit.

 Says Master Boby Kalari Yogi "The Earth raise the earth-landers, when the Earth rise. Thank you dear teacher."